Dr. Alexander Nichau

Dr. Alexander Nichau

Senior Advisor AI&ML

Alexander brings a unique blend of AI, software, big data, and cloud technology expertise to IT Capital Partners. With an extraordinary track record of successful enterprise projects in Machine Learning, AI, and Analytics, he is adept at introducing disruptive tech trends to global clients. This not only creates value but also promotes more meaningful workplaces through automation and sustainability.

In the confluence of AI, big data, and cloud technology lies the future of business transformation. It’s a space I’ve dedicated my career to and see endless potential in.

Key Career Milestones

  • Founder and Executive Director at niologic
    Played a pivotal role in AI-driven value creation for clients, culminating in a key transaction: the sellside due diligence of Host Europe Group to US-based GoDaddy with a reported valuation of 1.6bn USD.
  • Director of Data Science and Engineering at 4tree (a McKinsey subsidiary)
    Worked closely with McKinsey&Company on the growth of 4tree until its exit to McKinsey Periscope, focusing on large-scale international retail accounts.
  • Department Head of Product Development Cloud Hosting at Host Europe
    Led and developed product strategies for Europe's most substantial virtualization environment, ensuring cloud platforms' scalability and system reliability.

Areas of Expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    Hands-on experience in implementing AI-driven solutions, offering businesses an edge in their operations and strategies.
  • Cloud Technologies
    Led some of Europe's most significant cloud installations, ensuring scalability and reliability of cloud platforms.
  • Big Data & Analytics
    Demonstrating proficiency in data analytics and its various applications, with a particular emphasis on retail analytics. This includes the successful leadership of two globally leading teams in the field of retail analytics, marking substantial achievements in Big Data.
  • Research in Semiconductor Physics
    Holds a PhD in semiconductor physics with approximately 40 publications, cementing his place as an industry expert.
  • Product Development & UX
    Multiple accolades for product development and UX design, showcasing his holistic understanding of technology applications.

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