We Invest in IT-Service Companies

We focus on and support the following key areas within the IT-Service landscape.

Cloud Native Development

Passionately backing pioneers of cloud-centric solutions, our focus lies on firms revolutionising cloud infrastructure and application development.

Big Data &

Our spotlight is on firms harnessing the immense power of Big Data & Analytics, driving innovative solutions with actionable insights.


Dedicated to firms safeguarding digital landscapes, we back those crafting advanced, robust security strategies for a safer digital future.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Allying with companies advancing AI & ML, we invest in automation, data analysis, and AI-driven solutions reshaping industries.

Internet of Things & Edge Computing

Merging our focus on IoT and Edge Computing, we support businesses revolutionising device interconnectivity and real-time data processing.


Emphasising the shift towards a decentralized web, we back companies leading in Web3 innovation, aiming to democratise and redefine the internet.

Jörn Petereit

Managing Partner

"People drive technology, and together, they fuel growth. Through years in the IT-Service industry, I've come to cherish this trinity as the foundation of every success story."

Eike C. Frerichs

Managing Partner

"Marrying finance with IT-Service isn’t just about investment; it’s about understanding, shaping, and cultivating growth at every turn."

Discover our vision, strategy, and the unique growth opportunities we have tailored for entrepreneurs and shareholders.

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Experienced Team

Our team comprises industry-leading experts with decades of experience in the IT sector. Each member brings specialised knowledge and unique perspectives not only to our investment decisions but also to the active support of our portfolio companies. Through this close collaboration, we assist these businesses in realising their full potential through strategic guidance, technical expertise, and networking.

People. Passion. IT Capital.