Our Approach to IT-Services Investments

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT-Services, selecting the right investment partner can shape the trajectory of your company's future. For entrepreneurs and shareholders, it's not just about financial success but also about the vision, legacy, and future of their company. At IT Capital Partners, our ethos is driven by more than just financial backing. It is about shared visions, nurtured partnerships, and a relentless commitment to fostering growth. When you choose to align with us, you're not just gaining an investor; you're gaining a trusted ally whose vested interest lies in unlocking your business's full potential.

Our philosophy of investing is built on the foundation of partnership and full support. In their initial phases, many IT-Service companies primarily focus on service delivery, sales, and marketing - essential areas for sustainable growth. However, as the company grows, the need for in-depth knowledge in financial management and operational excellence becomes more pronounced to ensure further successful evolution. This is where we come into play: With our expertise, we support IT-Service companies in fully realising their growth potential.

What Sets Us Apart?

Proven Success Track Record

Our team is more than just experts in their fields; they are a blend of unique personalities that have repeatedly demonstrated success in the IT sector. Our past achievements and experiences fuel our current and future investment decisions.


Our clear and transparent processes allow IT-Service companies to focus solely on their business, assured that everything will unfold seamlessly. Our approach is both practical and reliable, designed for lean operations and enhanced focus.

In-depth IT-Services Experience

With a specialist focus on IT-Services, we merge hands-on business knowledge with an industry-specific insight. Our investment strategy is meticulously crafted, prioritising select IT-Service investments, ensuring we're always aligned with the ever-evolving tech landscape.

People-Centric Approach

By prioritising and investing in "People Companies," we centre our attention on organisations that recognise and nurture human potential. We believe the success of any IT company greatly depends on its people. Our commitment to this belief ensures sustainable growth and the cultivation of genuine partnerships.


Our investment strategies are diverse. Although our focus is on majority stakes, we are always open to adapting to innovative and flexible business models.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

What differentiates us from others is our entrepreneurial background. Our team is comprised of experts who have made a genuine difference in the IT sector, and this experience is evident in every investment decision we make.

Investment Criteria

Only IT-Service companies

Preference for majority stakes

EUR 5 to 30 million in revenue

> EUR 2 million EBIT (for add-ons less)

People. Passion. IT Capital.