Jörn Petereit

Jörn Petereit

Managing Partner

Jörn Petereit is a distinguished figure in the realm of IT-Services, boasting a distinguished career spanning over two decades. With a history of assuming leadership positions in some of the industry’s most renowned firms, Jörn’s influence has played a pivotal role in shaping their strategic trajectories, furthermore, he has left an enduring imprint on their growth and expansion narratives.

His tenure as Managing Partner at IT Capital Partners exemplifies his profound understandig of leveraging technology to drive growth, enhance operational efficiency, and foster enduring value creation.

Beyond his achievements, Jörn’s insightful approach to combining technological prowess with human-centric strategies positions him as a thought leader in the domain.

In a world rapidly morphing with technological advancements, it’s our duty to ensure that technology serves humanity, driving growth not just in profits, but in values, culture, and purpose.

Key Career Milestones

  • COO & Managing Director at Cloudflight
    Here, he drove an international growth strategy that expanded the company from 280 to over 1,000 employees, tripling the turnover and profit in three years.
  • Global VP (IoT) at Deutsche Bahn
    In this role, he was instrumental in the development and implementation of the group's digitalisation strategy, including the introduction of a central IoT platform and the establishment of a Digital Twin ecosystem.
  • Head of Cloud Services at q.beyond
    Under his leadership, scalable and digital business models in the Cloud & IoT ecosystem were developed.
  • Executive Board Member at Bitkom
    As a board member of Germany's largest digital association, he provided advisory services on a range of industry topics, especially in areas like artificial intelligence and digitisation in schools.
  • Member of the Supervisory Board at Divante
    In this capacity, he played an active role in the strategic direction and decision-making of the company, positioning itself as a global partner in e-commerce solutions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Growth Strategy
    Profound expertise in crafting long-term growth strategies, especially integrating digital capabilities to enhance business processes. Demonstrated leadership prowess in executing strategic initiatives to elevate business success.
  • Marketing & Sales
    Experience in expanding the customer base through effective sales processes and branding strategies. Expertise in crafting marketing strategies that bolster both brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Operational Efficiency
    In-depth knowledge in designing efficient organisational structures and optimising business processes. A keen eye for selecting high-performance systems that support operations, ensuring flexibility and scalability.
  • Company Culture
    Commitment to fostering a positive and innovative company culture. Proven strategies for developing and training leaders, alongside programmes that promote high employee engagement and an agile working environment.
  • Value Creation
    A focused approach to value creation, encompassing the development of post-merger integration strategies and the optimisation of organisational structures and processes to boost operational efficiency and business value.

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