Markus Brendel

Markus Brendel

Senior Advisor Marketing

Markus Brendel is a visionary marketing leader with experience in various industries. He is known for fortifying brands, establishing operational frameworks, and improving customer engagement. He was responsible for marketing strategy, impactful advertising campaigns, brand architecture, and e-commerce initiatives in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Markus is an inspirational Senior Advisor in marketing who utilizes fundamentals, innovation, and strategic insight to drive business growth.

In the confluence of technology and marketing, we discover the true potential of brands. Our
mission is not only to adapt but also to lead and inspire in the digital era.

Key Career Milestones

  • VP Marketing & Communications at Cloudflight
    He played a pivotal role in magnifying Cloudflight's brand awareness in Germany and Austria. He championed the brand's significant growth phase, culminating in its acquisition by Partners Group. Following mergers and acquisitions, various marketing activities were combined to introduce new market approaches and align the digital marketing strategy.
  • Head of Marketing D/A at Staples Solutions
    Instrumental in transforming Staples into a leading B2B solutions provider, overseeing marketing strategy, digital touchpoint development, brand positioning, and channel-wide message consistency. He spearheaded the establishment of sales enablement and CRM structures and optimized PR and social media processes for a more significant impact.
  • Head of Marketing Health Systems DACH at Royal Philips
    Markus's accomplishments include transforming Philips into a leading healthcare solutions provider through a compelling B2B storytelling campaign, shifting its perception from a pure product supplier. He successfully launched an online store for medical devices and was part of the Philips team who won the "Absatzwirtschaft Marken-Award" for the "Best Brand Digital Strategy." He also improved the lead conversion process and fortified sales with a digital sales platform. Within Philips, he introduced a distinguished digital lead platform globally recognized as the best "Convert and Sell" solution.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Marketing
    Proficient in devising and implementing market strategies tailored to various sectors and audiences.
  • Brand Positioning & Awareness
    Track record in increasing brand visibility, awareness, and credibility in targeted markets.
  • E-commerce
    Demonstrated expertise in establishing and managing e-commerce platforms for both B2B and B2C sectors.
  • Team Leadership & Development
    Recognized for shaping efficient team structures, fostering talent, and maximizing team output.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Management
    Adept at managing post-M&A brand integrations. Ensures seamless transitions and consistent brand messaging.

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