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Web 3.0: Revolutionizing Business and Technology: Explore how Web 3.0 is transitioning the internet into a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem, reshaping businesses with AI and IoT.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Matthias Krühler, Head of PMI at BCG: Gain valuable insights on post-merger integration in IT-Service companies, addressing challenges in technological compatibility, talent retention, and maintaining company culture.

Key M&A Movements in IT-Service: Get a sneak peek into the latest strategic shifts in the IT industry. We’ve got intriguing updates on TMC’s expansion in the German market, WIIT’s strategic acquisition in the cloud sector, and teccle Group’s portfolio expansion.  Plus, don’t miss out on Afinum 9’s investment in digital transformation and HiQ’s ambitious growth in Finland.

Upcoming IT and Investment Conferences in Q2 2024: Mark your calendar for key events such as the LEAP Tech Conference, Founders Forum London, Startup Grind Global Conference, RSA Conference 2024, Viva Technology, Global Markets Conference, and the European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference.

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Web 3.0: Revolutionizing Business and Technology

Web 3.0: Revolutionizing Business and TechnologyWeb 3.0 represents a transformative leap in the digital world, marking the evolution of the internet from static pages (Web 1.0) and user-generated content (Web 2.0) to a decentralized, blockchain-based ecosystem. This new phase offers unprecedented opportunities for businesses to leverage technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create more secure, intelligent, and user-centric services. The rise of Web 3.0 is particularly significant in its promise to enhance data security and privacy, empower user sovereignty, and foster innovative business models. As we witness the increasing integration of blockchain in various sectors, the potential for more transparent, efficient, and customer-focused services becomes clear.

Our Key Takeaways:

For Entrepreneurs:

Adaptability: Embrace blockchain and decentralized technologies to innovate your business models.

Customer Engagement: Utilize Web 3.0 tools to create more interactive and personalized customer experiences.

Data Sovereignty: Leverage enhanced data security and privacy features to build trust with users.

Market Opportunities: Explore new market niches created by the decentralized internet.

For Investors:

Investment Opportunities: Focus on companies that are harnessing blockchain, AI, and IoT in novel ways.

Risk Management: Be aware of the regulatory and technological shifts accompanying Web 3.0.

Long-term Growth: Invest in companies that are well-positioned to capitalize on decentralized networks and services.

Innovation Trends: Keep an eye on emerging Web 3.0 technologies that could disrupt traditional business models.

Key M&A Movements in IT-Service: TMC and WIIT Drive Market Expansion, teccle Group and Afinum 9's Strategic Acquisitions, Enhanced by HiQ's Ambitious Growth in Finland

TMC Acquires Guldberg and Personites: TMC’s acquisition of Guldberg, a German provider of engineering and IT services, and Personites, a Munich-based MSP, expands their footprint in the German market, particularly in automotive and aerospace sectors.

WIIT Buys Cloud & Edge Platform from German Edge Cloud: WIIT’s acquisition of German Edge Cloud’s cloud and edge platform business establishes a new Pan-European competence center, accelerating its growth across Europe in cloud infrastructure services.

telenova and braintower Join teccle Group: In strategic expansions, teccle group welcomes both telenova, a Munich-based provider specializing in communication and UCC solutions, and Braintower Technologies GmbH, a leader in network and security managed services. These acquisitions strengthen teccle group’s portfolio in cloud telephony, unified communications, and enhance their position in enterprise network and IT security solutions, marking significant growth in their service offerings and expertise.

Afinum 9’s Strategic Investment in Objektkultur Software GmbH: Afinum 9 has made a significant investment in Objektkultur Software GmbH (OK), a leading provider of cloud application and integration solutions. This collaboration marks the eighth platform investment by Afinum fund 9, emphasizing their support for top technology companies in the DACH region. OK specializes in CRM, ERP, custom software development, cloud security, analytics, and AI, and is poised for strong organic growth within the Microsoft ecosystem.

HiQ Expands in Finland with Ambientia Acquisition: HiQ, a leading IT and tech consulting firm in Northern Europe, announces the acquisition of Ambientia’s public business unit, a Finnish consultancy with expertise in public service tech solutions. This move strengthens HiQ’s public sector portfolio in Finland, aligning with the country’s ongoing digital transformation efforts. Ambientia’s team brings valuable skills in custom software development, cybersecurity, and cloud migration, enhancing HiQ’s capabilities. This strategic growth enables HiQ to further support the Nordic public sector’s digital advancements.

Building a Foundation for Future Growth


Since our foundation at the end of last year, IT Capital Partners has achieved significant milestones. We founded our fund, supported by both our own commitment and investments from successful IT entrepreneurs and institutional investors.

Our unique combination of capital, operational expertise, and focus on IT-Service specifically targets entrepreneurs who, after a successful initial growth phase, are seeking an operational partner and co-visionary for their next expansion phase. For 2024, we are planning our first platform investments, underscoring our commitment to growth and innovation in the IT sector.

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Interview with Dr. Matthias Krühler, Head of PMI at BCG, on Post Merger Integration in IT-Service Companies

IT Capital Partners: Good morning, Matthias. It’s a pleasure to have you with us today. As the Central Europe Head of PMI at BCG, you’ve overseen numerous post-merger integrations. We’re particularly interested in your experiences with IT-Service companies. Could you start by sharing your general approach to post-merger integration in this sector? 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: For sure, thank you for having me. In the IT-Service sector, post-merger integration (PMI) is quite challenging due to the rapidly evolving technology and human capital as the central resource. This is why our approach is always tailored to account for these two aspects. We try our best to capture on the one hand the technological compatibility of acquirer and target while nurturing the innovative cultures that often define these companies. 

IT Capital Partners: What are some specific challenges you’ve faced in PMIs involving IT-Service companies? 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: We particularly see two challenges in line with the two sector specificalities above. One major challenge is again technical: During integration, aligning different technology platforms and systems can be quite challenging. IT-Service companies often have proprietary solutions and processes, and harmonizing these post-merger is complex. The other challenge is to retain key talent. Mergers can create uncertainty, and in an industry where talent is the biggest asset and it is easy to switch between employers, managing morale and culture is crucial. 

IT Capital Partners: How do you address these technological compatibility issues? 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: We conduct a thorough baselining exercise to understand the technological landscape of both entities. This involves assessing software architectures, development practices, and even customer integration points. The goal is to develop a clear roadmap for integration that minimizes disruption to ongoing operations and customer services while using the post-merger momentum to create something new and potentially more efficient.

IT Capital Partners: And what about the human aspect, particularly in maintaining company culture? 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: This is where a tailored and tangible change and culture approach is needed. We focus on defining a common integration vision early on that can be communicated throughout the organization to provide guidance and certainty, prioritize the definition of a shared target culture where leaders walk the talk and use a multi-stakeholder approach to make key employees be a direct part of the process. For instance, we often establish joint integration teams to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose already during the early integration process. 

IT Capital Partners: Have you noticed any trends in PMIs within the IT-Service industry? 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: In currently challenging economic circumstances and with tighter corporate pockets, there’s a growing emphasis on digital integration and leveraging synergies in innovation. Companies are looking to merge not just to expand their service offerings but also to pool their technological capabilities. This means PMI strategies are increasingly focused on fostering environments that encourage collaborative innovation. 

IT Capital Partners: In your experience, what makes a PMI successful in the IT-Service sector? Dr.

Matthias Krühler: Successful PMI in this sector hinges on achieving a balance between integration and autonomy. While operational efficiencies are necessary, it’s equally important to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit that often drives innovation in IT-Service companies. Additionally, a successful PMI strategy must be forward-looking, considering not just the immediate integration but also the long-term strategic positioning of the merged entity. 

IT Capital Partners: Any final thoughts or advice for companies considering mergers in this space? 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: Start early! Companies often wait for a longer time after signing or even until closing to start preparing for the integration journey ahead. It’s not just about combining two businesses; it’s about creating a new entity that can thrive in an incredibly competitive and fast-paced industry and that has a clear strategic vision. Careful planning, respect for cultural differences, and a focus on future innovation are key and take time to develop – ideally already long before closing. 

IT Capital Partners: Thank you, Matthias, for sharing your valuable insights with us today. 

Dr. Matthias Krühler: My pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this critical aspect of business strategy in the IT-Service sector.

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Upcoming IT and Investment Conferences: Key Dates for Q2 2024

Founders Forum London: Taking place from June 13-15 in London, this conference is a key meeting point for influencers in technology and innovation, covering topics like emerging technologies, digital transformation, and venture capital investment.

Startup Grind Global Conference: Set for April 23-24 in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, this event attracts a large number of attendees and speakers, focusing on challenges in sales, marketing, fundraising, and more.

RSA Conference 2024: From May 4-6 in San Francisco, California, this cybersecurity conference brings together leading security professionals to discuss topics such as data breaches, cyber threats, and compliance.

Viva Technology: Happening from May 22-25 in Paris, France, it’s a high-profile event that brings together tech giants and offers prime networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Global Markets Conference (invite only): Taking place from May 15-17 in Paris, France, this conference is a significant gathering for exploring market trends.

European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference (invite only): Scheduled for May 15-16 in London, UK, it's an ideal venue for investors interested in these sectors.

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